Book review: Bahir (Monisha K Gumber)

Pages: 195

Genre: Fiction

Read: Aug 2018


A beautiful girl born in Pakistan, raised in the middle East and abused wherever she goes. Struggling to find acceptance, which eludes her over and over again, she ends up being an outcast who belongs nowhere and to no one. Used and manipulated by the men she loved from the depths of her soul, she finds her honour, along with the faith to overcome her pitiful circumstances.

Where does she find her strength? What is the breaking point? How does she fight the demons of her past to reach where she is now? Follow the story of Sawera, a child born of midnight into the dawn of hope. Uncover the secrets and conspiracies that make her the woman she is. Read her story. A story of survival.

My review:

The book is about a Pakistani woman who goes abroad with her family, and the struggles she bears throughout her life.

The story was a page turner. You will actually get engrossed in the plot. I was not bored for a minute.

The author has touched upon various sensitive issues through her strong narrative and simple writing.

The book kind of gives hope that even if you have been through a lot of shit (yes, I used that word😛) in your life, you can always start afresh. No matter how your past has been, you can make your future better. And isn’t hope what we all crave for?

What I really liked is that the main character was not a hero who is always right or strong. She is a woman who is vulnerable. She is a human who is selfish and wants to get everything in life. She is a person who makes mistakes, and repeats them. She is real.

I would like to thank the author to send over her book in exchange of an honest review.

Final verdict:

Bahir by Monisha K Gumber gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Author: shardaranisharma

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